About Us

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one of the reputed Trust under the name of M/S Om Sri Vishwajyothi Charitable Trust® located in the Heart of the Garden City Bengaluru.

We are engaged in various social activities since 2014 for poor and middle class families in and around Karnataka .

We are proud to reach every length and breadth of Karntaka to cater to the needs of the poor and down trodden population. Several NGO’S and Donors are part of our Program of the Trust and have appreciated our vision to reach every needy Person.

We have conducted many Welfare Programs In Karnataka by which many families are beneficiaries of M/S Om Sri Vishwajyothi Charitable Trust® through our donors..


Om Sri Vishwajyothi Charitable TRUST is managed by great visionaries and has great vision to reach a large Population of Poor and Middle Class families across Karnataka to help them to benefit from our severl Social activities including Project like Providing Shelter for the Needy People through our Donors